Are you on a gluten restricted diet? Do you long for gluten free baked goods that taste as good or better than traditional baked goods.  Being Gluten Free no longer requires your taste buds to settle for less.  Introducing BowbeasGlutenFree.

Many people ask what the heart behind BowBeasGlutenFree and this is the simple answer; BowbeasGlutenFree was formed by me, a mom who set out to make better tasting gluten free products for my family members who are on a gluten restricted diet.

What set me on this mission?

In 2001, my husband Jim had a rare form of stomach cancer. This cancer led to the removal of 90% of his stomach and a 50% chance of living past 6 months. Here 17 years later, Jim is still here, and we know that is simply a miracle. Due to this tragedy, Jim started keep good tabs on what was going into his body. By 2013, he was noticing a sensitivity to gluten. This concern lead me to create gluten-free recipes and after much trial and error, our signature invention: THE GLUTEN-FREE CINNAMON ROLL!

Our cinnamon rolls are unique! They come frozen, just pop in microwave for 1-1 ½ minutes for the most amazing cinnamon rolls you’ve ever had. I began sharing gluten free cinnamon rolls with my gluten sensitive family members and friends who were excited to be able to eat a great tasting cinnamon roll once again. They encouraged me to bring my rolls to others who are gluten sensitive. I began selling at the local farmers market with rave reviews. By the end of 2017, our gluten-free cinnamon roll could be found in roughly 100 local Colorado retailers.


That was 2015, here in 2018, BowBeasGlutenFree has added yet another amazing, great-tasting gluten-free product... cookies!

Our cookies come in fantastic flavors of peanut butter, ,chocolate chip and spicy ginger snaps. Our cookies are sold in over 50 Natural Grocer locations, Colorado Lucky Market locations and online through Amazon Prime (We are now an Amazon choice item!).

Don't just take our word for it. Please take a look at what our growing customer base and retailer managers are saying:

Subject: Wow!
“Those are the best gluten free cookies I've had! I'm about to send a PO. When would you be available to demo? As I said this Saturday is our gluten free fair, however its extremely short notice so no worries if you can't make that. Thank you for the samples!”
Subject: Re: [EXTERNAL]: BowBeasGlutenFree- Nice Meeting you- Cookies/SKUs/Demos
Amazing cookies 😊
Whenever works for you, will work for US, thank you! I've copied our grocery manager on this email, please reach out to him so we can make sure we have all sku's in good shape on the shelf. Thanks again and greatest of luck to YOU-“
Subject: Re: [EXTERNAL]: BowBeasGlutenFree- Nice Meeting you- Cookies/SKUs/Demos
“These are really good.  Will put together PO next week.”
The stores are raving but what does our growing family of customers have to say?
"The spicy ginger snaps are amazing. I love the sweet flavor in the front and the spicy kick are the end. You don’t have to have a gluten issue to enjoy these cookies."-- Melissa (Verified Amazon Review)
"These cookies are soft and delicious! The perfect treat for someone who is celiac or eats gluten free."-- Breanna (Verified Amazon Review)
BowBeasGlutenFree is a truly bridging the gap between conventional and gluten-free. Give BowBeasGlutenFree a try today and join our growing family in saying
"Bye Bye Gluten, Hello Flavor!"